Recruiting Tools

  • Textio.  If you are posting an ad for a job opening, consider the impact of word choice on who will apply.  Certain words can encourage (or discourage) qualified diverse candidates from applying.  For a data driven approach to crafting effective job descriptions, visit for a free trial.
  • Getting a more diverse applicant pool.  If you’d like a more diverse applicant pool, you may need to try different approaches than your standard playbook.  For some practical tips to getting a more diverse applicant pool, see these 13 Tips.

Hiring Tools

  • Remove bias from the process.  The best advice about removing bias from hiring is to standardize processes.  It’s easier to remove bias from the process than the people.  For practical tips on standardizing hiring processes for best results, see: How to take the Bias Out of Interviews.
  • Hire for performance, not likability. Google is legend for their innovative and data driven hiring practices.  For tips on hiring to maximize an employees likelihood of success, see Google’s Secrets
  • Templates, Scorecards, Checklists.  The Society for Human Resource Management has an extensive set of scorecards and checklists you can use to make sure your hiring process is as fair as it can be and complies with best practices.  See, Screening and Evaluating Candidates

Promotion Tools

Inclusion Tools


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