Frequently Asked Questions

    • Who are “Peter, John, and Bob?”

Peter, John, and Bob are common male names and also happen to be the most frequent CEO names. So, think of PBJ as “John Doe” or any other placeholder for male leaders at work.

    • Why not use actual names?

This site is not about calling out an individual.  Also, speaking out about being treated unfairly at work can be traumatic and career limiting. Most sexual harassment, for example, goes unreported. Rather, when people find work conditions too unbearable many women in white collar jobs simply go elsewhere. These sorts of unreported events create a loss of productivity for the company and suffering and derailed careers for the woman.

    • What’s the point of this Blog?

Many men are very committed to fairness and meritocracy but do not have exposure to the lived experiences of women or people of color. See About DearPBJ

    • Why don’t you speak to pressing issues like living wages and workplace conditions for women in farming, food service, manufacturing, and other non-office settings?

The data indicates women and POC experience widespread discrimination in non-office settings too. While I have deep sympathy and personally endeavor to learn more about these issues, I don’t focus on them in this blog because I’ve had the privilege to choose to work in white collar jobs and don’t know enough about those issues to focus on them here.

    • What’s “POC” mean?

It stands for person of color and is a term used to describe broadly folks who don’t predominantly identify as European or European descended.

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