Dear Peter, Bob, & John

On the journey of writing a “How-To” book for men interested in creating innovative work teams through diversity and inclusion (D&I), I’ve heard so many stories. The stories reflect how gender, race, and other aspects of difference (and similarity) shape our work experiences. These stories are frustrating, hopeful, funny, inspiring, and heartbreaking. For many LGBTQ folks, racial minorities, and women, it’s challenging to bring our full authentic selves to work. Doing so can be career limiting (and in some cases, a threat to safety). But, there is an urgency in sharing our stories. Letters convey personal histories and in the process reveal universal truths and that’s what I hope to do here.

I’ve also received numerous questions from folks eager to explore what they can do to advance inclusion. We will archive the stories, questions, and answers here.

Submission instructions and expectations can be found here


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